gift #357: Mt. Falcon

Up and down…up and down.  We climbed over mountains today like little mountain goats.    Nothing beats a day in the mountains.  We had nice weather for most of the time too.  It was breezy and cool… perfect for hiking.  And we had periods of shade and sun, which was good for taking pictures and admiring scenic vistas.  And there were an abundance of those!  Scenes of visionary enchantment – so much that it’s hard for my heart to hold it all.  The Rockies are so beautiful and I love them dearly.  It was great to be back in this lovely park.  We did the castle trail in the morning, and spent time at the Walker home ruins, and then made our way up to the summer white house site, where Walker had plans for a presidential summer home that never materialized.





Then it was time to head back to the parking lot for lunch, and then some knitting in the car as the weather turned cold and windy and we had our afternoon downpour.  After the rains cleared out, it was back on the trails for the meadow loop, then up to the Eagles nest for scenic overlooks.  From there we did more climbing up the Tower Trail.  Then we were able to find the trail heads for a hike we wanted to take last year but couldn’t.  So we added a new hike to our list.  We went down the Ute trail and the Devil’s elbow, which was a 1.1 mile loop around a mountain until it connected back up with the rest of the Ute.  This was by far my favorite hike because once we got on the shady side of the mountain, it was covered with wildflowers, moss, and little ferns.  It looked like something right out of MiddleEarth.  So incredibly beautiful it was!   I can’t wait to hike there again next summer.  When all was said and done, our feet touched 10.5 miles of Rocky Mountains!




Blessings to you,


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