Gift #358: Fancimats

Fancimats is a place very dear to my heart.  It is my cross-stitch store nestled in downtown Littleton.  I have spent literally hundreds of hours in this store over the past 15 years.  We found the shop shortly after arriving in Denver in 1996.  Up until then, my cross-stitch had been limited to supplies found at generic craft stores – stiff white fabric, plain colored floss, and just a few patterns.  In this store, my world changed.  The owners introduced my mom and I to the glories of overdyed floss (with multiple colors in each skein) and to stitching on linen.  Oh happy day!  I’ve never looked  back…never!  The ownership of the store has changed now.  The current owner, Cindy Edwards, is a sweet friend and I always look forward to my visits there when I’m in town.  She is a big fan of the royal family and last year had a wedding celebration party at her store.  She served us scones and cream, and had a special cross-stitch pattern for us and a discount!  This year she wanted to celebrate the new baby, so she decided to host a baby shower.  She invited people to bring new baby items to the store and they would go to SLV Medical Center and the Nurse Family Partnership – both organizations serve mothers and new babies below poverty level.  There were cards available to sign and a letter will be sent to the royal family letting them know of the donations.  For the shower, there was a nurse on hand to answer questions, and there were baby cupcakes and flowers too!  This is a perfect example of why I love this store so much.  I am thrilled with the spirit of community they foster at the store and the sweetness of wanting to help those in need.  Little shops like this are a blessing to support not only because of the wonderful merchandise they carry but because of their heart.  Here are some pictures of the store and of the baby donations.  (Note:  I took the picture of the donations on Wed, but by this morning, they amount of items was at least doubled.)

Store sign

Store sign

Baby gifts

Baby gifts

Patterns and threads on the back wall

Patterns and threads on the back wall

Blessings to you,


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