Gift #361: Rock Outcroppings

The Rocky Mountains are famous for their granite outcroppings, and I have been fascinated by them since I first saw them.  The foothills of the imagemountains seem to defy gravity; huge masses of rock jut out at every angle.  Large groupings of rock dot the surface of the mountains too, as the inner heart of the mountain lays exposed and weathered by the elements.  These outcroppings are magnificent and the Three Sisters Park that we hiked in has many such outcroppings to admire.  One in particular is breathtaking because it rises from the meadow to several hundred feet.  There’s a trail that circles around it and we walked it several times, taking lots of photos.  Everywhere I pointed the camera was beautiful, with rocks, pine trees, and ferns.  Here are some pictures of the sights from Homestead Trail.





Blessings to you,


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