Gift #364: Peonies

Peonies are incredibly beautiful gifts.  I first remember seeing them when we moved to Denver; our home had two bushes out front – a pale pink and a dark pink variety.  I loved their frilly blooms and delicate scent and I prefer them over roses almost all the time (except when I’m in an Alice in Wonderland mood).  Peonies have been cultivated in the Far East for longer than memory.  It’s believed that they came to Britain with the Romans and they became favorites in monastery gardens.  They were used frequently as a medicinal plant.  Pliny writes that peonies were useful for “preventing the mocking delusions the fauns bring in our sleep.”  When English colonists migrated to America, they brought their peonies with them, and many of them still live today, silently marking the boundaries of long-forgotten homesteads.  Peonies are remarkably long-lived, up to hundreds of years.  Here are some beautiful flowers from the Denver Gardens’ Plantasia trail.  It was a pleasure to see them in bloom again.





Blessings to you,


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