Gift #366: Father’s Inheritance

One of the things I love most about my pastors is their ability to use the most unlikely of Scripture passages to teach meaningful lessons in a fresh light.  For example, we’ve been

My  Father's Day card to my dad

My Father’s Day card to my dad

studying the book of Joshua since the beginning of the year.  We celebrated Easter, Mother’s Day, and now Father’s Day out of the pages of Joshua (not the usual material for sure) and they’ve all been the most encouraging, memorable sermons I’ve heard to dedicate these special days.  Today our text was Joshua 13, which summarizes how the Promised Land of Israel was divided among the tribes.  The land is described as the inheritance of the Lord to His people.

After spending so many weeks laboring through the previous chapters narrating the conquest of the land, it is with a great deal of relief and satisfaction that we have now come to the best part – the inheritance of the promise.  We spent today looking back through the Old Testament to how often God promised this land to His people as their special place and how important it was to Him that His people should worship and live here.  We looked forward to how the people of Israel would use their inheritance and the legacy that they would pass to future generations.  And then our pastor used the passage to make application to the fathers with an emphasis on their special position to leave a legacy to their children.

I’m very grateful to have a father who has given me a valuable legacy – he has consistently modeled the character of Christ in our home and cared for his family with love and sacrifice.   I am thankful for his presence in my life, for his wisdom, guidance, and friendship.  I am reminded again through the sermon today and through my father’s life of the importance of living out the inheritance we have received from our Heavenly Father.  I want my life to be a mirror of His character so that those I share my life with will be blessed with God’s love and grace through me.

Blessing to you,

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