Gift #369: Feathers

Today an amazing thing happened at lunch.  I was sitting outside, knitting, and enjoying the sun and the sound of water from the fountain, when I a little breeze picked up.  I felt imagesomething lightly resting against my arm and when I looked down to see what it was, my breath caught in my throat.  It was two tiny, perfect little feathers.  I have no idea where they came from and I was stunned that of all the places that they could have landed, they ended up on my arm.  Just a few inches over and I never would have seen them.  As I held them in my hand, I understood them to be a special gift from God.  I felt as if He was saying “These are for you, because I love you and I like to see you smile”  It was an incredibly sweet moment and I felt so loved.  It felt like when a sweetheart brings you flowers or chocolates, but because God knows me much better, He understands that I much prefer feathers…and ferns, and fireflies.  I hope to make something special with the feathers to remind me of God’s care and love of me and His delight in giving me something special.  It was a wonderful example of what my blog is all about — noticing the myriad ways that God says “I love you” each day and telling Him “thank you”.

Blessings to you,


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