Gift #379: mountain lessons

I’m lonesome for Colorado today and am looking back at my pictures from a month ago.  These were taken at Mt. Falcon Park, one of my favorite places to be.  The mountains are a great source of comfort to me.  They remind me that God’s creation is an on-going process; that He delights in continually rejuvenating the face of the earth.  They are testaments of His incredible power and majesty.  God spoke those mountains into existence and clothed them with grass and wildflowers and trees, providing for all the animals that call the mountains their home.


The mountains speak of God’s love for beauty and how He delights to create a feast for the senses.  Delicate flowers jut out of granite outcroppings, trees kiss the sun, birds rejoice in flight, and the mountain itself pulses with the joy of living.


And the mountains remind me of God’s faithful love and His promise to create all things new.  The mountain landscape is always being remade by fire and wind and rain.  The elements char and expose the landscape.  But what seems to be destruction is actually the foundation for new life.  This picture looks over a valley that was swept with fire a few years ago before I came to the park.  When I first saw the valley, only burnt fragments of tree stumps littered the ground, and some grass.  Now trees grow strong and tall again and wildflowers grow.  The transformation is evidence of truth of God’s promise – that He will always restore what was lost, exchange sorrow for joy, and breathe life into ashes.


Blessings to you,


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