Gift #381: Eagle Creek

I had today off as holiday so my mom and I spent the day at Eagle Creek park in Indy.  It’s a municipal park of over 5,000 acres and this was our first visit.  It certainly won’t be the last, as it was an incredible park with so much to do!  There are lots of hiking trails and a imagehuge lake for water activities.  There’s also a nature center with lots of live animals on display, collections, a reading area with nature books, and several classrooms for workshops.  My favorite was the ornithology center.  This building, and all the land, belonged to J.K. Lilly in the 1930s.  He housed his library and collections in the building that now is dedicated to our birds.  (This was a neat piece of trivia for me because I work for Lilly Pharmaceuticals, and it was thanks to his family that we have this wonderful park to enjoy.)  The centerpiece of the center is a display of 130 birds in their natural habitat.  There’s also a special library and observation deck over the lake.  One side of the building is all windows with seats, field guides, and binoculars for watching the birds at the feeders outside the windows.  As an extra bonus, you can watch the squirrels trying to raid the feeders.  Here are some pictures from the hiking trails.  It’s was so beautiful and green.  I love forests so much.  These were full of hickory, oak, maples… majestic old trees.  And the undergrowth was full of ferns, moss, and mushrooms.  All my favorite things…


image image

Blessings to you,


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