GIft #392: Handknits

Happy summer day to you!  This evening I went back to the county fair to look at the art exhibits and the animals.  Today I’ll show you a few of my favorite knitting projects that were entered.  There’s a fair (pun intended) number of blankets, hats, scarfs, sweaters, and such on display this year and it was neat to see other people’s work now that I’ve been knitting for a while too and have a better appreciation of the art.  It was especially exciting because I knew several people who entered from my knit group.  This crochet scarf was designed by my friend who owns my local knit store.

This lovely shawl won grand championship for knitted accessories and it was stunning.  The yarn was a perfect match for the pattern.
And here’s another piece that was submitted by my friend.  This won first and championship in the lace category.  I love the color and the knitting is exquisite.

I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of the animals.

Blessings to you,


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