Gift #394: Pigeons

Now of all the animals I was expecting to see at the fair, pigeons did not make the list.  I was surprised and delighted to see them, however.  There were amazing breeds represented!  Some with topknots, some with feathers on their feet, others with collars of contrasting plumage.  They were just beautiful!  I didn’t realize that people still bred pigeons.  I had really only heard about the art in the context of studying artificial selection – they’re a textbook case, literally.  And it was quite the thing to do in Europe in the 1800s.  Actually, wikipedia tells me that people began domesticating pigeons over 10,000 years ago, and that the practice is gaining popularity again in the US.  Most of the birds we saw were fancy pigeons, which means they are bred for particular traits and beauty.  I’d say so!





Blessings to you,

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