Gift #395: goats

I couldn’t let the fair go by without mention of goats.  I love goats, especially pygmy goats.  I was able to see several pygmies at the fair this week and they were a delight.  They are so small and adorable!   I dream about having a small fiber farm one day – raising sheep, alpaca, and angora rabbits and spinning their fleece into yarn.  In the mix, I’d like two pygmy goats – I think I’ve settled on Neville and Sybil as their names.  They’d be inquisitive and loyal companions who would follow me about the barn as I took care of the animals.  I think they’d also be uncommonly well-behaved goats and I’d invite them in for a cup of tea and some biscuits.  Perhaps they’d even have a little bed at the foot of mine to curl up in and sleep the night away.



And here was another bright-eyed, curious critter who wanted to check things out at eye-level.  He was a handsome goat to be sure.


Blessings to you,


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