Gift #408: Late summer wildflowers

While on my hike Saturday,  I was privileged to see stands and stands of wildflowers in bloom. along with the exposed seed pods of plants whose flowers had already faded away.  I happen to think the seed pods are every bit as beautiful as the flowers, so naturally I had to take lots of pictures.  I’m sure many bird families are getting plentiful meals from all the seeds.  The highly textured seed pods of thistles make them especially interesting.


I saw tons of queen anne’s lace in bloom too.  This is a lovely, delicate bloom made up of thousands of very tiny flowers.  I love the organic, lacey shapes of this plant.


These happy yellow wildflowers were all around too, adding a bright splash of color to the landscape.


And here are some views overlooking the lake.  This was a great time to go on a hike here.



Blessings to you,


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