Gift #410: Hanks

Today my mom and I packed our bags and headed east to Cincinnati.  I love this city – it’s a home away from home.  We spent a wonderful afternoon visiting some of our favorite places.  One of these is Hank, a wonderful yarn store.  It is always a pleasure to spend timeimage here browsing through patterns and looking at the yarn.  They make sure to have lots of knitted samples too, just to tempt you with a skein or two of beautiful yarn.  Oh, and they had lots of that too!  This store is very special in that they carry a few children’s stories about knitting in a little nook of the store.  My favorite one is called Sophie’s Masterpiece.  It’s about a little spider that loves to spin works of art, but is unwanted by those who spy her, until she reaches a tiny attic room where a young woman lives.  The woman is pleased to see the spider and the two of them spend companionable evenings together while the woman knits a sweater for her coming baby.  Sophie decides to spin her a gossamer baby blanket full of moonlight and stars.  On the night the baby is born, Sophie leaves her precious masterpiece on the windowsill.  It is a beautifully sweet story, and it reminds me of the joy and love that knitting for others can bring.


Blessings to you,



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