Gift #411: Christ’s church

Today God gave me a memory I will treasure forever.  For several years, my mom and I have enjoyed the historic community of Glendale.  It is a favorite place for us – our favorite restaurant is here, and the bakery, and a lovely neighborhood of stately homes and gardens delight us each time we are able to visit.  We literally spend hours roaming about the winding streets and admiring the homes, the grounds, and the sense of imagecommunity.  We especially enjoy looking at the two neighborhood churches.  Christ’s Church is housed in a lovely stone gothic-inspired building that I love. My mom and I were there this morning, taking pictures of the church, when a side door opened and out came a man.  We told him we were admiring the church, and wonder of wonders, he asked if we would like to come inside!  We said yes immediately, and he escorted us in and gave us a tour of the main chapel, which he said was built in the 1860s.  He turned on the lights so we could see the stained glass in all its beauty.  The back wall of the chapel is a large stained glass panel of Jesus holding a lamb in his arms with a scripture verse.  Two panels were Tiffany glass, added to the church in the 1930s, I believe.  It was so kind of this man to take time out of his day to let us see the inside of the church, and it was an incredibly special moment to stand inside of a church that I’ve admired for several years.  Later this evening I visited the church’s website.  They have a member spotlight section, and who should be featured but the gentleman who invited us to come inside?!  It is an experience I will always  hold close in my heart.

Blessings to you,



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