Gift #412: Art abandonment

One of the biggest annual rubber stamp conventions in the country took place today in Cinci.  It’s a weekend that I look forward to all year long.  One of the activities to properly prepare for the event is making ATCs (artist trading cards).  As we wait in line for the door to open, we trade the cards with each other.  It’s a fun tradition and I’ve participated nearly every year since I started attending the convention.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it in time to trade with the other rubber stamp enthusiasts this year.

A selection of some of my ATCs

A selection of some of my ATCs

I wasn’t sure what to do with 25 little cards; and then I remembered Art Abandonment!  This is an online group on facebook founded by an artist who started abandoning his work in various places for other people to find.  Other artists have joined in all over the world and post about their adventures abandoning their art.  I’ve been a hover-member of the group for a couple of months and decided that today I would abandon my first art.  I handwrote a note on decorative labels and placed a couple of my ATCs in a plastic sleeve and abandoned them in Glendale this afternoon.


Two packets were abandoned in the park where my mom and I enjoyed our picnic lunch, and one was left at Christ’s Church, the beautiful church we had the privilege of visiting yesterday. I’m really happy that my first foray into abandoning my art was here in Glendale, a special place I love so much.  I’m looking forward to lots of art abandonment in the future!

At the water fountain in Glendale park

At the water fountain in Glendale park

At Christ's Church

At Christ’s Church

Blessings to you,



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