Gift #414: Glendale

Today I thought I’d give you a pictorial tour around Glendale.  I love this historic community. It’s the only village in Ohio designated as a National Historic Landmark.  It was incorporated in 1855 and many of the homes date from that time.  Another loveable feature about the community is that its mascot is a squirrel, and images of squirrels are everywhere.  It’s fun looking for them as you drive around.  Actually, after reviewing my pictures I think we might spend a couple of days in Glendale – it’s too pretty not to linger on this charming neighborhood.


My favorite restaurant in the village is The Grand Finale.  I’ve blogged about it before – quaint decor with a courtyard garden in the dining room.  And some of the best desserts I’ve ever had.  Here’s the special when we ate there – lemon blueberry cheesecake.  Yum!


There’s also a local bakery that is delicious.  They serve scones, cakes, cookies, and excellent pastries.  They’ve also started serving lunches now.  This is the little sign that sits outside their door – it’s a little wooden bird sitting on a mini muffin pan.



And here’s the other church in the neighborhood – First Presbyterian Church of Glendale.  Founded in 1855, its front features magnificent glass with delicate ironwork.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and come back tomorrow for more.

Blessings to you,


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