Gift #430: A walk with Anthropologie

My local Anthropologie store has outdone itself  this month.  I’ve not seen it so beautiful since the winter of 2011 when the store was transformed into a woodland wonderland.  Now it is a forest in the transition between summer and early autumn.  Warm days linger and sunlight filters through the leaves, just starting to change in the tops of the canopy.  Mushrooms grow in the moist warm earth, scenting their air with their heady fragrance.  Moss carpets every surface in emerald velvet.  Today, we will take a walk in the woods with Anthropologie.  We’ve been invited by the trees themselves…


A cardinal sits overhead, chirping a greeting.  The pine trees grow tall and straight – we can’t even see the tops because they are drowned in sunlight.


As we journey further, we find a glade of trees where autumn has already kissed the leaves red and gold.  We pause here for several minutes to admire the vibrant colors and to watch the leaves dance and whisper in the wind.


Deeper in the forest, the trees become denser and the atmosphere becomes cooler and darker.  Here a squirrel chatters in the tree tops as he hinds away more acorns in his icebox.  The forest has been generous this summer and the forest animals have plenty for the winter.  In fact, there’s so much of the woodland bounty that we’ve been invited to share a picnic with the forest animals in an enchanted glade!   Naturally, we eagerly accept.  Mr Squirrel chitters away, telling us to follow the mushroom-lined paths to find our feast.


And here they are – beautiful yellow mushrooms, growing profusely out of a mossy fallen log.  They seem to glow with a light all their own.  We must be on the right path.


We walk down the curving path, rounding a bend…and gasp in amazement.  Framing the entrance to our enchanted glade and our forest feast stand these sentinel mushrooms! Their feet are clothed in fern fronds and they nod their heads at us, murmuring a welcome.  Why, we feel just like Alice in Wonderland as we are ushered into the clearing!


To be continued…

Blessings to you,

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