Gift #431: Woodland tea

Are you ready for tea and cakes in the woods?  Here is our woodland feast – the table is decorated in all its mossy goodness, just waiting for us.


Mushrooms twinkle on the overhead branches, lighting the glade with flickering lights.  Of course, fireflies help with the lighting as well.  The table is brimming with plates, cups, and saucers in anticipation of our glorious meal.  And the finest tablecloth of moss has been laid out for the event.  Here’s a close look at an individual place setting.


And now our tea is served.


Platters and pitchers of delicacies are placed before us.  We enjoy petite fours, cucumber and water cress sandwiches, pastries, and scones.  Tea, milk, and fresh spring water quench our thirst.  And we enjoy the company of our woodland friends.




What a perfect day in the woods.  We will go on another walk soon for new adventures always lurk among the trees.

Blessings to you,


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