Gift #434: More wildflowers

I’ve been admiring the late summer wildflowers.  It is nearly distracting as I drive along meadows and byways full of wildflowers in bloom and seeding.  In a few more weeks I’ll be distracted by the changing foliage, but that’s for another day.  Out of courtesy for my fellow drivers (and because I have a new car) I do not attempt to take photos while driving.   That means that I have to take lots of photos on my walks to make up for that.  Fortunately, Eagle Creek had lots of wildflowers to oblige my photo-taking obsession.  I need to download a field guide app for my ipad so that I can work on learning the names of the beauties I come across.  I’m not sure what this one is, but it grew in tall stands of 2-3 feet with great big tufts of white blooms.  Very pretty.


And this was my favorite photo I took from the trip.  These wildflowers are showing off their seedpods in the sun.  A skilled spider had decided the plants would make a cozy home and has spun her web.  You can see it a little bit glinting in the sunlight in the photo.  It was an amazing orb web, easily a foot long – a palatial mansion by spider standards, and she spun it all herself!  It draped all over the plants and was incredibly beautiful.



I hope everyone is enjoy the last long, warm days of summer.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #434: More wildflowers

  1. Sarah, the white flower in your first photo is very similiar to a wildflower in my garden, only mine blooms in soft lavender. The flower form and leaf are very similiar. I assumed mine was a relative of the bedding annual we call Ageratum, only it is much much taller than the annual. What beautiful photos- thank you for sharing. WG

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