Gift #436: Garden Snails

Allow me to introduce you to three of the garden residents.  They came to live in the backyard earlier this spring, as three young snails.  Now they are seasoned backyard explorers, capable of strapping on satchels, packing some sandwiches, and heading off for adventures every afternoon.  They have many rousing escapades in the woods behind the yard… valiant fights against large birds who would like to take them home for supper.  And there was the time they had to hide from the seven sharp-fanged squirrels, much larger and fiercer.  It was only sheer cunning to burrow under the leaf litter and pretend to be empty shells that saved them that day.  I shudder to think what would have happened… On another occasion they got caught in a rainstorm on the way back to their home, sheltered by the deck.  They nearly drowned, but I heard their calls just in time and ran out to offer them umbrellas and escort them back to their warm and dry hearths.  From then on we had an agreement that they would only conduct their adventures when the weather was fine.  Would you like to meet these fine adventuresome creatures?  I thought so.

May I introduce Dr. Verne, the leader of our troupe.  With a PhD in historical studies and English literature, he is the thoughtful planner of each voyage from the garden.


Mr. Nemo is an expert mapmaker and carefully guides the expedition along the most exciting routes.  He keeps in close contact with the other forest creatures to learn about recent road closures, new forks in the roads, and scenic byways.  He’s not adverse to going a mile or so out of the way for a tender patch of young, tender ferns.


And last but not least is the fastidious member of the group, Mr. Fogg.  With two pocket watches on hand, he helps to keep the group on track so that they are always back in time for tea.  Mr. Fogg cannot abide being late for tea – it is his one great weakness, or strength, depending on your point of view.   Sometimes Dr. Verne and Mr. Nemo are tempted to be impatient with him, but then they stop to consider… if it weren’t for Mr. Fogg, they wouldn’t have remembered their sandwiches.


Blessings to you,


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