Gift #439: Crabapple fruit

It’s been a bit too hot for my usual evening walks, so I’ve contented myself with wandering around the backyard looking for ordinary miracles.  This is a good exercise for me because I often get into the mindset that one has to travel and explore to find beauty.  It can be easy to overlook the beautiful things right in our homes because we become so accustomed to seeing them everyday.  Photographing my backyard helps me rediscover loveliness right at my doorstep.  This week I was fascinated by the little fruits the crabapples are producing.  I’m fortunate enough to live with 2 crabapples.  One is a weeping crabapple cultivar which is my favorite of the nearby trees.  I love the way the branches cascade and fall over each other, just like a waterfall.  The other is a young Robinson sapling that was planted a few years ago.   They are both showstopper-beautiful in bloom in the spring but I tend to overlook their loveliness in summer when all those flowers magically turn into fruit.   I have never tasted crabapples, but a quick review through google tells me that, once cooked, they make excellent jellies, sauces, pie fillings, juice, and sorbet.  The prep work sounds intensive, but it would be rewarding to make some special foods made from your own trees.   Maybe one day I will try.  For today, I will be content to admire the lovely fruit and be happy that the birds and little forest creatures enjoy the trees’ offerings.




Blessings to you,


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