Gift #443: Chicago

Sunday evening my parents and I got an experience of our lives as we lined up with hundreds of fans to watch Chicago perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  What a night to see them with our own eyes!  Chicago made its debut in 1967 and were immensely popular by the time my parents were in high school and college.  My mom played their songs in band and twirled to their music in high school.   For my parents, Chicago’s music represents the happy, jovialness of a life just getting started, ready to live full of love and promise.  As my brother and I were introduced to them, they became one of pur favorites too.   I especially liked the beautiful ballads and love songs.  My very favorite Chicago song is “You’re the Inspiration”.   It was amazing to hear it live for the very first time this weekend.  Most of the group is still comprised of the original members and it was interesting to hear them reminisce about their time in the band.  They were all very kind and humble, which was very endearing too.  For 46 years they’ve been creating the soundtrack to American culture and providing happy memories for millions.  Thanks for the inspiration Chicago!



Blessings to you,


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