Gift #445: meeting my nephew

I’m spending a long weekend with my brother and his family and getting to meet my new nephew for the first time.  It’s been very fun so far.  He’s almost one month old.  And so tiny!  He likes to spend his days curled up in a ball, which is very cute.  And he makes happy, contented noises in his sleep.  His favorite activities are cuddling on laps and twisting his fingers.  He has very long, beautiful fingers.  I hope he will be interested in playing a musical instrument as he gets older.  Maybe piano like his Aunt Sarah.  Yes, we could play duets together.   It’s been really neat to watch my brother be a daddy.  He’s very attentive and gentle.  Earlier today I eavesdropped on him as he was calling baby Luke “little buddy”.  This is what my dad would call my brother when he was a little boy.  It kind of squeezed my heart with a joyful pain to hear it passing generations.  My brother and I had an especially happy childhood that we reminesce about all the time.  I’m very happy that he’s been blessed with a little boy to give that happiness to as well.   How God has blessed!


Blessings to you,


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