Gift# 446: Furry Friends

While spending time with my brother and his family, I’ve gotten reacquainted with another friend.  This one is a bit older than baby Luke, and substantially more furry.  I speak, of course, of Dakota, their Sheltie puppy.  She is almost one year old.  We met last Christmas and bonded when she chewed my watch band apart.  Naturally, it was love.  I’ve enjoyed being with her very much.  She’s grown up into quite a beauty.  And she has a sweet, energetic personality to match.  She’s been keeping me company during the day and sleeps with me on the couch at night.  Ahh, the sheer bliss of a dog – there’s nothing like it in the world.  Here are a few shots of her, which are rare because she’s usually to busy moving to hold still for the camera.



Blessings to you,


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