Gift #447: Happy Autumn!!

I’ve waited since Nov, 30th of last year to say those words to you!  Happy, happy autumn!  Glorious, wonderful autumn is officially here as we celebrate the autumnal equinox today. All year-long I look forward to the coming of fall the way a child anticipates Christmas.  Today I welcome back into my life the things I love most  –  pumpkins, cider, changing leaves, cool days, long walks in the woods, scarves and boots, and crunching fallen leaves underfoot.  Did I mention pumpkins?  Welcome fall…I’ve been waiting for you all year!



Blessings to you,


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3 Responses to Gift #447: Happy Autumn!!

  1. Thank you, Sarah. Is your birthday in the autumn? So many of us love the season in which we were born. Have you baked your first pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread yet? We had our first cider this weekend. What a delicious time of year! WG

    • Thank you so much for your comment woodland gnome. I’m actually a spring baby, but I fell in love with autumn during my years in Colorado. The first cider is a special time – I’m glad that you’ve been able to enjoy some of the pleasures of autumn already. I’m going to bake apple cinnamon scones this week and make my first visit to the apple orchard for some apples and cider. I’ll be blogging about that for sure! what is your favorite season? – Sarah

      • Born in April, I’m always very excited by Spring and its unfolding of all of the buds and bulbs. Fall is definitely my next favorite season, and I love the cider, apples, leaves changing, and the beautiful cool crispness in the air. It is finally cool enough to bake again without my husband commenting on the heat in the house. I hope you blog about the scones. I’ve never seen apple cinnamon scones and would love to try your recipe. Best wishes, WG

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