Gift #448: traveling day

When I was younger and more adventurous,  I thought the most wonderful places were airports and hotel rooms.  I’m still pretty enchanted with hotel rooms, especially clean ones with comfortable beds and lots of pillows.  Unfortunately though, airports largely lost their charm for me.  I attribute this to spending an entire day (as in over 9 hours) waiting for my grandmother to arrive one Thanksgiving as her flights were cancelled and delayed. It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that I had foolishly assumed it would be a short trip and only brought with me a dry book on basidiomycetes ( a type of fungi) written in the 1970s.  I had found it buried in the school library and blew the dust off its cover and brought it home.  Oh yes,  I learned a valuable lesson that day – regardless of where one is going, one should always bring along activities.  I was stir-crazy without my cross-stitch.  After that point, I viewed going to the airport and boarding planes with much the same attitude as a tired old dog views going to the vet.

I needed an attitude adjustment though because I was going to spend today in four different airports and on three separate flights to get back home to Indy.  I was well-prepared today.  I had brought my knitting projects, a knitting magazine, a book, my ipad, and my ipod.  Oh there was no way Mr. Boredom was going to pay me a visit today.  And he didn’t!  I was determined to enjoy this day of travel.  And I did!!  I got a lot of knitting done and read for a bit and listened to relaxing music.  Heaven smiled upon me as all my flights were on time – in fact we landed early for all my flights.  There were no problems at all, everyone at the airports was friendly and helpful, I found yummy food to eat (being a vegetarian, this can be a bit difficult at airports), flights boarded quickly and orderly, and the flights were calm.   I didn’t know things could run so smoothly at airports anymore.  It really was an enjoyable day.  And now I’m back at home, unpacked and getting settled.  I’ve spent the evening with several fall magazines, planning meals and a grocery store list full of autumn flavors for later in the week.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #448: traveling day

  1. mawarder says:

    You have lots of adventures, Sarah, some by traveling and some by staying “home”. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps you’ve seen that I am writing my thoughts about a chapter in Proverbs each day and posting it on my “Leaves That Did Not Wither” page on Facebook. You’re welcome to chime in with your thoughts, too. Your Second Grade Teacher, Margery Warder PS, you do follow Mrs. Stephens, right.. all the way to Africa, or as her husband Phil says, sometimes, “Afreaka”…


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