Gift #449: Garden frog

One of the immense joys for me this summer was that a happy frog who sang his song all summer found a lady friend and laid a ton of eggs in my pond!  Hundreds of eggs became hundreds of tadpoles.  There were literally hundreds of tadpoles.  You couldn’t look at one square inch of the pond  without seeing a tadpole, which was fine by me because I was enchanted with them.  They cleared up the mosquito larvae that threatened to become an issue – quick as you please and they were gone.  I checked on them every day and delighted over them.  I was really anticipating with such a bumper crop that I could see some when they transition and sprouted legs.  Unfortunately I never did.  As summer dwindled down, so did the number of tadpoles, but I had not seen one single frog!  Where oh where did they go?!!  I was really disappointed about not seeing any frogs – were they not happy in the pond?  Were they becoming someone’s supper?  The answer didn’t bear thinking about.  And then, about a two weeks ago as I walked by the pond a flash of green jumped into the water.  There was a frog!!  Now it is a very shy frog and I had to try on several different occasions to get a picture.  I was beyond thrilled to see that a handsome, greeny, gentleman had taken up residence in the pond.  There’s no way of knowing whether he was a tadpole from the summer, but I’m going to believe that he is one of my babies that’s all grown up now and singing his own song.  I love having my little green friend perched on the lilypads for a visit.


Blessings to you


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1 Response to Gift #449: Garden frog

  1. What a very fortunate frog to have been born to your pond 😉

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