Gift #450: Early fall picnic

The weather this week has been incredibly beautiful.  It’s been sunny with blue skies and in the mid-70s.  It’s absolutely perfect.  So much so that staying at work has taken remarkable willpower and dedication.  All I want to do is take long, long walks in the afternoon.   Such was the call of the outdoors on me this evening that I decided to dine alfresco on my deck to enjoy the early fall weather.


I hauled out my little table and a chair, listened to Pandora on my ipad, and enjoyed the breeze and the company of flowers and trees.  Oh, and the company of my little frog friend – he was out on the lillypads getting some sun.  And on a side note, there are actually two frogs!!!  Hip Hip Horray!  I saw a second one out today.  It was a lovely dinner.


I made a “grown up” grilled cheese sandwich that I had seen on the internet.  It’s made with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, avocados, and pesto.  For the first time, I grilled the sandwich in olive oil instead of using butter.  I don’t know why, but it had never occurred to me to use olive oil.  It was so much better!  The flavor perfectly complemented the cheese and veggies and olive oil is a much healthier alternative.  No more butter on grilled cheese from now on.  I hope you are enjoying the first days of fall and getting lots of fresh air and sunshine, wherever you are.

Blessings to you


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1 Response to Gift #450: Early fall picnic

  1. What an amazing sandwich! Looks simply delicious. And to think I settled for Pam on my last grilled cheese…. olive oil is a great idea! I hope you have many more afternoons and evenings to enjoy outside in this beautiful weather- WG

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