GIft #458: Gourds

October 4th already!  Oh October, please slow down… you’re already passing much too quickly.  Today I’ll show you some pictures of the beautiful gourds they had on display at Beasleys Orchard.  Gourds have always fascinated me for their various shapes and unique textures.  When I was a girl I liked to play with the green swan-necked gourds with the “warts” and pretend it was a witch’s nose.  Even though most are not edible, gourds have long been grown for their utilitarian purposes.  Their hollowed out shells are perfect for storing and carrying items.  They’re also used for musical instruments and utensils.  In fact Hippocrates used gourds as suction cups!  Gourds have also been prized as art – they’ve presented a blank canvas for carving and painting.  Or you can just enjoy the natural beauty of gourds.




Blessings to you,


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One Response to GIft #458: Gourds

  1. How Beautiful, Sarah. Those are just wonderful. WG

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