Gift #460: Kelp’s Pumpkin Farm

My two favorite activities to do in Indy take place in the month of October.  The first one that hits the calendar is getting fall pumpkins from Kelp’s Pumpkin Farm.   They have a wonderful selection of pumpkins at a great price and each year that I visit I think I’ve gone to heaven.  They’re located just a little bit east of Nashville, IN, which I also love to visit.   So this becomes a lovely day outing with my mom.   We went yesterday to pick out pumpkins and enjoy fall decorations and festivities in Nashville.  Unfortunately, the rain also wanted to make a day of it, so we had to contend with a bit of wetness while picking our beloved pumpkins, but we still had a good time.  I might spend a couple of days browsing over the pumpkin patch with you…I hope you brought a cup of tea, or maybe some cider!





Blessings to you,


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