Gift #461: More pumpkins

Here are some more pictures of Kelps Farm.  Today I wanted to show off a few of my favorite varieties.  I hadn’t encountered these two before moving to Indiana and was delighted to find them the first time I went to Kelps.

The Jarrahdale pumpkin is an Australian heirloom with a gray, blue, or green tint to the skin.  This variety, like all my favorites, is deeply ridged.  They are small to medium in size and a bit squat.  I’m told they have a bright orange flesh and are quite good for cooking, but I have never seen the insides because I cannot bring myself to cut open a pumpkin.


The Long-Island Cheese pumpkin is beautiful pale orange pumpkin.  I think it gets its name because the pumpkin looks like a wheel of cheese.  This makes me smile.  I had initially thought maybe the name referred to the way the pumpkin tastes.  Thankfully that’s not the case.  It has a sweet taste and is excellent for roasting.



I also enjoy the pumpkin displays that surround the outdoor stands of fall produce.


Blessings to you,


PS.  I had wanted to include some quotes on pumpkins, but didn’t find much beyond the “pumpkin vs. velvet chair” quote.  If anyone has a pumpkin quote they’d like to share, please feel free to include in the comments.  Have a great day!

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1 Response to Gift #461: More pumpkins

  1. I grew up opening pumpkins to carve Jack O Lanterns, and loving the pies cooked from scraping the insides. Somehow my daughter felt otherwise, and hates to see one cut or carved. They are so beautiful as they grow, I’m slipping over to the side of leaving them be until time to pull out holiday decorations, hoping they’ll last, and enjoying their beauty. There are always the small “pie pumpkins” to roast for eating…. Thank you for more beautiful photos, Sarah, WG

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