Gift #462: Nashville in fall

More fall pictures today!  Hope you are not getting weary of them, because there will be at least another two months worth.  These were taken in Nashville, IN when I visited over the weekend.  I love this little town and try to visit several times a year.  It’s full of beautiful scenery and lovely stores.  Plus, there’s a yarn shop and my favorite stamping stores.  Brown County State Park is right in its backyard as well.  During the fall the town swells with tourists coming to admire the foliage and take in all the sights and smells.  Consequently, the town must put on its best fall dress to take part in the festivities.  Pumpkins, mums, haybales, cornstalks, and scarecrows are everywhere.   I love it!  I’ve never before seen a town decorated for fall like this.




Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #462: Nashville in fall

  1. Do they do this much for Christmas? Honestly, the cornstalks on the lamp post are over the top beautiful. What a fun place to visit! Thank you for sharing the photos, WG

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