Gift #466: Pioneer Village

One of the special features of Spring Mill State Park is the Pioneer Village in the west corner of the park.  It is comprised of many buildings (some restored from the original site, and others brought in from throughout the state) that give visitors a taste of life in the mid 1800s, when the property was at its economic heyday.  Within the shops, people dressed in period clothing demonstrate their crafts, such as weaving, shoe-making, carpentry, and pottery.   I like watching the craftsmen best as it is thrilling to me to watch a person create something with their hands, simple tools, and imagination.  At the mercantile, you can purchase small goods made by the craftsmen employed by the state park.

Loom where the weaver was working

Loom where the weaver was working

The centerpiece of the village is the mill, which is fed by the natural springs from a cave a couple hundred feet nearby.  The springs in the cave also feed the little creek that flows through the valley.  The corn mill still functions, and they grind cornmeal each hour for the guests and give a mini history lesson on the building, village, and milling.  Upstairs is the park museum, which gives a thorough look into life in southern Indiana from 1830s through 1940s.


Several other buildings on site are outfitted as period homes, pubs, and school houses.  One of the cabins is of special interest to my family as it is the birthplace of Sam Bass.  My family is from Texas and Sam Bass is a familiar name because he was a famous outlaw in central Texas.  (It’s a small world)


During October there are several seasonal activities.  On Saturday evening, the village was transformed into a haunted ghostown for Halloween!  During the day, families could decorate the scarecrows scattered throughout the village or they could carve pumpkins and display them.   This was my favorite of the carved pumpkins.


Ha Ha!  Get it?  Pumpin pi??  I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of the pioneer village.

Blessings to you,


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