Gift #471: bridges

To fully appreciate this posting, it must be fully understood that I hate and fear bridges and overpasses.  This one thing must be understood, or nothing that follows will seem wondrous.. (ok, I stole that last bit from Charles Dickens).  It’s true though – I’m deathly terrified of bridges and overpasses.  I flat out refuse to drive over them and will gladly get lost or go miles out of my way to avoid one.  It doesn’t help that I have regular nightmares about being trapped on them.   If there’s a chance of being on one, someone else is driving because I will be having a panic attack.  This phobia does have its setbacks, especially when one is in Cincinnati and wishes to travel to Kentucky, as I found myself doing this weekend.  You just can’t get there without crossing a bridge over the river, because apparently using ferries to cross is passe now.   My mom does the driving  on these occasions because the bridges are way too high and traffic to intense for me to deal with.  I sit in the front seat with my eyes clamped closed, death grip on the door handles,  struggling to breath.  Every trip over has been very stressful and I keep looking for an easier way to cross.  There are lots of wonderful neighborhoods, gardens, restaurants, and stores across the river and it would be a shame not to visit them.  So today, we found a new way to cross.  A little bridge, open and straight, lower to ground level.  It was great!!  I actually enjoyed it!  A first ever, I can tell you.  So miracles can happen.


The bridge was designed and built by Roebling, of Brooklyn Bridge fame, so that was quite impressive too.  There’s a sign commemorating it on the entrance.


Thankfully, we’ve now discovered a low-stress way of getting back and forth across the river.  The stores in Newport, KY were dressed up in their finest for Halloween.  I can’t let an October day pass without showing something of the season, so here are a few pictures of the stores decorations and windowfronts.



blessings  to you,


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