Gift #472: Christ’s Church Worship

I don’t know if you’ll remember, but back in August when my mom and I visited Cinci, we were admiring one of the churches in the area and one of the organists invited us in for a tour.  It was Christ’s Church, an Episcopalian church in the neighborhood of Glendale, a historic community I am in love with.  My mom and I were so impressed with the kindness of the organist and with the church’s website that we decided when we were in town again, we would spend a Sunday morning worshiping with the congregation.  And so, my friends, we did that just this morning!  I’ve never been to an Episcopalian church before and was a little apprehensive about what it would be like.  Fortunately, there was no reason to fret.  The congregation was very kind and they had everything printed in the bulletin.  When to stand, sit, and kneel, when to sing, when to respond.   It was a lovely service; you could feel it saturated with the import and reverence of tradition.  This church has been meeting since Civil War times, so they have a legacy of faith in the very roots of their church building.  It was incredible to worship in this sanctuary knowing generations and generations have gathered there too.  And the prayers and songs we used had been used for centuries as well.  (One song was written by a man who lived in 200 AD!).  There’s something very special about singing the same songs and praying the same words that go back so long in time.  It links you to other believers, connecting you to a faith and a God so much bigger than the sum of our individual lives.  We are all a family – across the world and across generations, bound by our love for our God who will not let us go.  It was a joy to worship with a new family this morning and to be reminded of the greatness of God’s plan in this special church.

(photo from–Ohio–Hamilton–Glendale)

Blessings to you,



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