Gift #475: The secret life of a pumpkin

While in Glendale I conducted some underground surveillance on the daily activities of pumpkins.  I think what I’ve uncovered could be the makings of a PBS documentary.  Behind that passive orange facade lurks a passionate heart hiding its secrets deep within.  Here’s how our pumpkin spent his day…


Hanging out with his fellow pumpkins, this one looks just like “one of the gang.”  No one suspects he has desires for more than life in the decorative urn.


When no one is looking, he sneaks out the back and hides under the shade of a rose-bush while plotting how to cross the street without becoming pumpkin pie.  (If you’ve never watched a pumpkin cross the road, it’s worth stalking a pumpkin to see)


Having made his way across the road, Mr. Pumpkin reaches the desire of his heart…. a vintage bicycle.  Long has he enviously watched bicyclists whizzing past, enjoying the wind on their faces.  Deep within his heart, he carefully nurtured his dream to ride a bike of his own.  He could hardly believe his luck when a vintage bike took up residence at the corner just opposite his urn.  He knew his day had come.  Today he would taste freedom – and it would be sweet.


His bicycle friend took him all over the neighborhood.  He saw palatial mansions, cozy cottages, beautiful gardens, and chipmunks frolicking on the lawns.  He watched the train fly by the town, shopped for a fedora to keep his stalk from getting sunburned, then turned his attentions to another ambition of his…mountain climbing.  With the bicycle’s help and the assistance of some cleverly placed rope, our Hero Pumpkin scaled the very tip of this mountainous squirrel and looked out over his domain.


Resting in the shade, Mr Pumpkin refreshes himself with tea and scones from the neighborhood bakery and greets the dogs as they trot by.  He reflects on his adventures and can’t believe his good fortune.  He will return home and tell his story to his friends and neighbors.  Even as he regales his grandchildren with tales of his thrilling worldwide travels, he will remember this day, the day that started it all, as the best day of his life.

Blessings to you,

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