Gift #476: Roses, of flowers and leaves

The past few weeks have been a long transition where summer flowers and autumn foliage peacefully coexist.  Those days are coming to an end because we’ve plummeted into the 20s at night.  In fact today I had to remove the last of the tomatoes from their vines so they wouldn’t be damaged by the frost.  The first early weeks of autumn because for a brief span we get to enjoy the best of both worlds – the summer flowers and butterflies with the color and cool weather of fall.  It’s the last frolic of nature before winter sets in.  When we were in Glendale, OH one of the gardens still displayed roses in bloom nearby an oak leaf hydrangeas that was also in “bloom” – its leaves had turned a deep crimson.   I loved the contrast between the two plants, representing two entirely different seasons, yet harmoniously contributing to the beauty of the landscape.





Blessings to you,

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