Gift #478: Music of the Night

Yesterday was one of my most anticipated days of the year.  It was the day my mom and I attended “Music of the Night” – a phantom organ concert at Crown Hill Cemetery.  This is my most favorite activity in Indy.  A friend from church told my mom and I about it when we moved to Indy and we all went together.  I’ve been back every year since, except one.  I love this evening so much.  Everything is so well-organized and every detail seen to.  There are flickering candle lights in the corridors, pumpkins in the chapel, pumpkins and hay bales at the entrance.  A world-renown organist is our phantom, who guides us through an evening of laughs and spooky music.  Two local vocalists are the phantom singers.


After the concert we enjoy refreshments and hot apple cider.  Then we all bundle up, grab our flashlights and boots, and head out into the cemetery for a guided tour by one of the resident historians.  We learn interesting facts about the cemetery and hear stories about the people who are buried there.  It’s not scary at all, just fascinating, especially if you love history, like I do.   We visit the resting places of famous Indiana residents such as Eli Lilly, James Whitcomb Riley, and President Benjamin Harrison.

This particular night was exceptionally special for two reasons.  One is because Crown Hill is celebrating their 150th year in operation.  In honor of their anniversary, the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation produced a lovely book full of photography and history of the cemetery.  The Foundation has done an excellent job of promoting awareness of the cemetery and encouraging the city to enjoy it as a park, as it was originally created to be.


The second reason that this night was special is that it was Brooke Haggard’s last performance as a phantom singer.  She’s performed at the concert for six years and she’s been a joy to watch every time.   I will miss her very much.  We had a chance to speak with her after the concert and wish her well.  Then we were able to have all of the Phantom troupe sign our copy of the book, along with the photographer, Marty Davis.  Crown Hill is very dear to my heart, and having their signatures in our book makes it a cherished treasure.


I’ll be back with some pictures of Crown Hill  – it’s a great place for fall pictures – and maybe some Halloween posts this week!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #478: Music of the Night

  1. mawarder says:

    Hi, Sarah, Thank you for your interesting posts/updates. We used to live south of Indianapolis, in Batesville, which is where both of our children (Krista & Joel) were born. You certainly do a lot of things and your blogs reflect that. I am curious, if it’s not too probing, to ask why this particular cemetery has a special place in your heart. I have to think perhaps it is the final earthly resting place for someone you hold dear, but I could be mistaken. Please greet your mother for us. She taught in the high school when Paul was the administrator. The community where we lived in IA had the reunion days, especially every five years, and they did a cemetery walk, which was an interesting history lesson. We thought it was a clever idea and it was well attended. Well, it’s late but thought I’d comment in an email. I hope you are doing well. Later, Margery Warder (second grade teacher)

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