Gift #485: Mushroom Fields

The recent downpour of rain last week brought a special gift to us this weekend – loads of mushrooms.  There’s a green grassy patch in the neighborhood which was filled with wonderful mushrooms poking their caps up out of the soil to get a peek at the fall foliage.   They were spotted on the way to church this morning, so this afternoon I made sure to go spend some time with them while they were in their prime.  They obligingly turned their caps towards me and let me capture their beauty with my ipad.  Aren’t they lovely?


Just look at the cap on this one!  Isn’t it magnificent?  It was so large and finely webbed.  This mushroom is a shaggy-mane inky cap.  The reticulated edges of the cap give the mushroom a “shaggy” appearance, as opposed to a smooth cap.


Here’s a happy family of inkcaps, with some fall foliage.


And I think this magnificent grouping of mushrooms is a mass of mica inky caps.  These are found in dense clusters of fruiting bodies in urban and forest areas.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful fall weekend.

Blessings to you,

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