Gift #492: Cabin in the woods

Here’s another fall update for you all.  I hope you’re not tiring of fall pictures.  We’ve lost a lot of leaves this week and tonight we’re expecting our first dust of snow with highs tomorrow in the mid-30s.  Yipes!  I’m hoping that it is a cruel joke played on us by the weather forecasters.  Surely our beautiful autumn could not be interrupted by the rude pranks of winter!  Oh, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.  And so I will retreat back to this weekend and take refuge in the beautiful weather we had for walks in the woods.


We walked a new trail this time which took us by a cabin in the woods.  I’m not too familiar with the history of the park, but it looks as though it was constructed fairly recently and made to look rustic.  (I deduced this when I noticed the presence of electric plugs.  Pioneers were not forward thinking about electricity and did not set in electric plugs in preparation of Edison’s discovery.  By jove, I think Sherlock would be amazed with my logic!)   I think the cabin might be used for school groups and demonstrations.  Whatever its age, it looked very rural out there in the woods and I enjoyed snapping a few pictures of the bucolic scene.


Here’s a close up of a leaf which has gotten caught in a cobweb of an ingenious spider who placed her web right at the window on the door.  No doubt she wanted to catch a few fall leaves of her own to decorate with.


Here’s the view from one of the windows in the cabin. I enjoyed looking out at the woods from inside the cabin as well as I liked the view of the cabin from the woods.


Blessings to you,


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