Gift #494: Neighborhood park

We are blessed to have a wonderful community park just minutes away from where I live.  Several adjoining neighborhoods are close by and it offers a lovely retreat.  You can picnic, ride bikes, hike, play with pets in the pet park.  There’s a couple of playgrounds for kids and a splash pad for summer use.  I really like this park because the terrain is very hilly and it’s fun to hike.  A few weekends ago I went over to capture some foliage on “film.”    Here are some of my favorite pictures.


This railroad bridge looks so old.  I’m not sure when it was constructed, but I love looking at it, all covered in ivy, whenever I drive by.  Usually I’m on the road passing under it, but at this point in the park, there’s a good view and a place to photograph it without holding up traffic and otherwise being a hazard on the road.


The gazebo is a popular spot to picnic or rest and it’s a prime photo shoot location too.  I saw a couple groups out taking professional photographs at the park when I was there.


And more beautiful foliage.  I’m so grateful to have a place to explore and enjoy nature near my home.

Blessings to you,


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