Gift #500: Wicked

It’s the official halfway point to 1000 blessings!  A year and a half after starting my blog, it’s the 500th post!  For an important milestone I wanted to blog about something very special to my heart.   The musical Wicked fits the bill perfectly.  It is visiting Indianapolis and my mom and I went to see it this very afternoon.


It’s been since last June that I heard the strains of “No One Mourns the Wicked” in person.  I’ve been blessed to see the show many times, but it still captures me with joy at the very first notes and I’m filled with wonder every time I see it.   Each time I go to Oz, I see something different, something new that I hadn’t noticed before.  This time, my favorite moment happened during the “Dancing through Life” sequence where Glinda and Elphaba are at a school party.  Glinda tricks Elphaba into wearing a hideous, black pointed hat to the party and all the other students make fun of her.  In remorse, Glinda reaches out to Elphaba and starts to dance with her.  I love that Glinda made the first move in befriending Elphie.  It is a sweet moment when Glinda sees all her other “friends” but chooses the green girl over them.  It was a small choice, but one with enormous consequences.  A lot of friendships begin in small ways; a smile, a kind word, a helpful hand.  No one really foresees the impact of a small act of kindness.  Glinda and Elphie’s friendship is remarkable (and enjoyable) because they share so little in common, but they grow to value their differences and recognize that together they are more than they could be alone.  Their relationship is the invisible force that guides their actions.  The future of Oz is determined by it.  The fate of a country hinged upon the outstretched hand of a schoolgirl.  As I watched Elphie’s and Glinda’s story unfold once more, it reminded me of the importance of reaching out my hand to the people in my life, to extend acceptance and love to them, and to be an agent of change for good.  And it filled my heart with thankfulness that I have been blessed by their story.  Thank you Elphaba and Glinda for changing my heart for good.

Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #500: Wicked

  1. Carol Bullock says:

    Sarah, I didn’t know you were blogging! You have a gift and I have enjoyed reading some of your thoughts. Stay warm friend!

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