Gift #516: Vintage Christmas cards

So here’s a confession about my personality – according to Marlin from Finding Nemo, I would be a “delay fish” like Dory.  It’s not so much that I cause delays as find other things to occupy my time when I have something pressing I need to do.  This behavioral quirk start to manifest itself in college.  When a paper was due, suddenly housework became the most important item on the to-do list.  Dusting that I hadn’t done in three weeks?  Yep, it needed to be done now.  Rearranging my bedroom furniture?  Absolutely.  Such it would continue until zero hour.  Although I will say that preparation and spending lots of time on a task is the key to success, my subconscious insists that working under pressure is the answer.  And so, the days pass and the deadline to send out Christmas cards to friends and families continues to loom before me.  How do I prepare?  Do I work on the cards a little each evening until they are done?  Ummm…  I’ve been making unrelated Christmas cards instead.  These (I claim) are to get me in the mood to make the actual Christmas cards.   I bought this stamp set last week in Nashville at the store Wishful Thinking.  The set is whimsically vintage and features a man and woman on a sleigh ride, a man carrying a wreath and wearing a top hat, poinsettia blooms, and some festive greetings.  It was love at first sight with the stamps, designed by Tim Holtz, and a few days ago I made a few cards with the set while watching Christmas Carol.  I hope you enjoy them.   Maybe tomorrow I’ll work on “real” Christmas cards tomorrow… or maybe I’ll pick out a new knit project instead.  hee hee!



Blessings to you,


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