Gift #524: Winter Solstice

Hooray!  My keyboard is working now!  Happy Winter solstice everyone.  I love this day because we can celebrate the joys of winter while knowing their days are limited.  After today, the days will be getting longer, we’ll have more hours of sunshine, and the march towards spring carries on in earnest now.  I spent the day with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.  We had gingerbread waffles for breakfast and watched it pour buckets of rain outside.  No matter for the atmosphere inside was delightful.


After breakfast, my brother and dad made deer jerky.  It smelled so good, I was tempted to “forget” I’m a vegetarian.  I stayed strong, but it was a challenge.


Then we settled in for a Christmas movie marathon.  While we watched our fill of Christmas cheer, I started knitting on a mitten (my first).  The cuff came along spiffingly, then I tried it on and it was much too big.  I ripped out said cuff and started again with smaller needles.  Success there…moving along to the mitt itself.  After knitting many rows, I tried it on and the mitt was much to small.  More ripping… back to the larger needles.  Knit the mitt all the way up to the tip and seamed it shut.  (note to self: you should always try item on before sewing the final seam).  The mitt was still much too small.  (another note: I have a 6.5″ hand circumference and was knitting the size small for 7-7.5″.  Hmm.. And I usually have  very loose gauge.  Double hmm..) I picked out the seam and ripped the whole thing back down to the cuff.  Then picked up additional stitches along the cuff to make the medium size for the mitt.  Re-re-knit the whole thing again and it fits much better.  All that’s left is the thumb and then making its twin.


We ended the day with cups of peppermint hot chocolate and peppermint bark.  Yum!!   It was a lovely day.


I hope your Winter solstice was blessed with beauty and peace.

Blessings to you,


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