Gift #529: Childhood park

On one of the trips into Austin, we were able to go to the Arboretum, which is a shopping center on the north side of the city.  It is near my Nana’s home and we used to go there all the time.  All the shops are different now (with the exception of the Barnes and Noble, which opened when I entered junior high), but one thing is still the same.  There’s a little park area with carved marble cows for kids to play on.  I think the cows might have shrank a bit from when I was a child, but they’re still there!


Behind the shopping center was a trail to go down to a tiny lake.  Around the lake are picnic benches for lunch and feeding ducks.  The area is full of honeycombed limestone, where the rain has carved out smooth pockets in the stone.  The vegetation was still very pretty with the large oak trees, some autumn foliage still hanging on, and nadina berries (I think that’s what they are, but I’m not sure – it’s widespread throughout the region).





It was nice to see the area again and know that one thing hasn’t changed yet from my childhood home.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #529: Childhood park

  1. Beautiful photos, Sarah. Yes, those are Nandina berries. What a great place to grow up 😉 Happy New Year, WG

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