Gift #530: Edith Holden’s December

Well, here we are on December 31st, with just a few hours left to the year.  It has passed so quickly!  I hope as you’ve gone through the day that you’ve had an opportunity to reflect on the blessings and opportunities that have come your way this year and that you look forward to a new year tomorrow.  I couldn’t let the month of December leave without showing some of Edith Holden’s artwork from the month.  When I brought out the books to take some pictures, I was pleased to see that she had so many birds featured for this month.  Most of the birds she paints are common visitors at my home too – chickadees, wrens, sparrows, and robins.  I love the contrast between the birds’ muted winter plumage and the bright berries that they feast upon.  They make a striking scene in her paintings and in the backyard.  I hope that you enjoy her winter illustrations.  Happy New Year’s Eve!




Blessings to you,


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