Gift #533: Winter walk

These pictures came from my great-aunt and uncle’s home in Round Rock Tx (a suburb north of Austin).  I’ve always enjoyed going to their home.  As a young child, the grounds were a world of wonder, with so many fascinating things to explore.  There’s the backyard, sunken gardens, pool, pond, rock garden, sheds, rooftop patio, gardens, and the creek flowing down below the house.  In fact, the first walks I can remember are of my mom taking me down to the creek to watch the birds and gather acorns and pecans.  As we walked she would tell me stories of how she spent summers there as a child.  Even still today, I love this place and find it as beautiful and mysterious as when I was young.  I enjoyed a couple of walks around the grounds on this most recent trip and took lots of pictures of this favorite place.




Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #533: Winter walk

  1. Such beautiful photos, Sarah. It actually looks like it might be warm there 😉

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