Gift #535: Winter snows

Today I lived in a snowglobe.  It snowed and snowed all day today, starting very early this morning, and it’s still going a little bit.  We’ve got about a foot of new snow today, on top of what was leftover from Thursday’s snowstorm.


It was already pretty bad in the morning, so I didn’t even make it out to church.  I spent the whole day snuggled inside my little nest, giving thanks for a functional heater and a gas fireplace.  Tonight the temps will plunge to sub-zero with windchill of -30 and below.  And it will stay like that all day tomorrow.  The mayor has issued the edict to shut the city down for tomorrow, so fortunately we all get to spend tomorrow safe and sound at home as well.  This is a wonderful gift and I’m giddy about a 3-day weekend!


I spent a very lazy winter day by taking naps (I’m recovering from a sinus infection, so I need my sleep, right?) and designing stamped cards that need to get in the mail soon for a publication deadline.  I also spent time working on my new knitting project – the pattern is called Elder Tree Shawl.  It’s a leafy shawl design that I’m making with a lovely brown variegated yarn I bought while in Tyler.  It’s making for a beautiful winter woodland accessory.


I hope you all stay safe and warm during this wintry weather.  I’m going to curl up in my nest of blankets and rejoice that there will be no getting up early to go to work for this little squirrel tomorrow.

Blessings to you,


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