Gift #536: Winter visitor

I’m really excited because tomorrow the temperatures are going to warm up to 9!  That sounds really weird.  But after a couple of days with -15 as the high, 9 will seem fairly balmy.  One of the things I’ve missed during these frigid days are the birds and squirrels coming by the house.  We’ve had no visitors at the feeders – it’s just been too cold for little birds and critters to be out of their nests.  However, one little squirrel braved the intense snow and cold to sit on his favorite perch on the tree at the back of the yard.  Several trees have little knobs and cubbies in them, and the squirrels love them.  He’s been about the only sign of life I’ve seen and quite a welcome one at that!  I love squirrels, even though they can sometimes be an annoyance, and was delighted that he came to visit for a bit.  And with the zoom on my camera, he didn’t even realize he was being photographed.

IMG_0411IMG_0414I hope you are all staying safe and warm in these wintry conditions.


Blessings to you,

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