Gift #537: Summer cards

So, who’s ready for spring?  I certainly am.  We’ve had a lot of winter in this week.  It’s rather depressing to think of it being three more months before spring comes again.  I’m ready to start taking long walks outside, look for flower buds, and admire green, ferny things.  While we’ve been indoors due to the snow and cold temperatures, I’ve been feverishly working away on my cards for submission to the stamping magazine, Take Ten.  They are due on the 15th and that’s always a hard deadline for me to make as it’s right on the heels of Christmas and traveling.  I finished the cards today and will get them out to the post office soon.  The magazine gives us a sketch of a card layout, and then we get to make all sorts of cards that fit the design.  Since the edition will be published in summer, I wanted to use colors and styles to fit the season.  And it was refreshing to create some art with a warmer, brighter palette.  I’ll share 3 of the cards with you today to remind you that warmer, flower-filled days will be coming.  Hope you enjoy them.


This is one of my favorites.  The stamps are from a lovely vintage set by Stampin Up.  I love the little girl on the swing so much.  It gives me a pleasant feeling of nostalgia every time I use it.   I like the warm, soft colors of greens and browns too, and the subtle floral pattern of the paper.  I can almost feel warm breezes tickling my hair.


This one is a bright, floral birthday card – simple and sweet.  The stamps are by Stampin Up again and it gives a fresh, happy feeling.


Now to the beach!   I love this quote by Shakespeare – it envisions all sorts of lovely daydreams of warm sand, cool water, beach combing, and aventure!  I stamped, colored, and cut out a whole posse of seashells and let them decorate the card in wild abandon.  Some of them are adhered with foam tape to give them a bit more dimension.

Think warm thoughts!

Blessings to you,


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